Esperanto music on spotify/youtube?

Saluton! My name is Piper, does anyone know of any good music or videos on Spotify or Youtube? I would appreciate actual names if you're going to send a link to Youtube, because links to Youtube don't work for me due to some reasons. Spotify links should work fine, but I'd appreciate names for those too. Thanks!

July 19, 2019


Awesome artists I have on Spotify (mostly pop/rock, some reggae & prog(ish) stuff too):


Martin kaj la Talpoj


La Perdita Generacio

Johnny M


Inicialoj d.c.


La Porkoj




And there's tons more. Persone's ...sed estas ne is a great album to start with. Dolchamar's Trajn Nenien is also awesome, as is La Perdita Generacio's Eksenlime and Johnny M' Kreativa...

And all the rest.

July 19, 2019

I've also been looking for some Esperanto music. Thank you!

July 19, 2019

Thank you!

July 19, 2019

On Spotify, there are some public Esperanto playlists: Look for "Esperanto Plej" (the most listened Esperanto songs) and others by esperantolisto.

July 20, 2019

Try looking up Zambanaj Kantoj.

July 20, 2019

hello Piper i hope u enjoy it :)

July 23, 2019

I'm glad that you brought this subject up, Piper because I've been exploring Esperanto music myself. As far as non-Esperanto music goes, I have a liking to Rob Thomas, American Authors, Imagine Dragons, and Celtic Thunder. Does anybody know about any bands that have a similar sound to any of these artists?

July 28, 2019
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