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  5. "أُخْتي"


Translation:my sister

July 19, 2019



What is "my" in the word?


In Arabic, you show possession by using endings that get added to the end of the words, unlike in English. To say that something is "mine", you have to add ـي to the end of the noun. There are two simple rules you have to know:

•Nouns ending in a consonant (mostly masculine): i.e. beit (house) ---> beiti (my mouse) بيت ----» بيتي

•Nouns ending in ta marbuta (mostly feminine). becomes a before the ending gets added to the noun. i.e. madarasa (school) ---> madarasati (my school). مدرسة ----» مدرستي

I hope my explanation was helpful. Good luck in learning Arabic!


Thank you for the explanation! Something like this would be great in Duolingo. Explanations for the grammar.


لا عندي أخت.


Why does that horrible purple animation do sarcastic slow clapping?


i cant understand how people learn so fast

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