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  5. "Your house is pretty, Judy."

"Your house is pretty, Judy."

Translation:بَيْتِك جَميل يا جودي.

July 19, 2019



Thank and your house is pretty <sub>.</sub>


What is difference between baitika and baitaka?Tq in advance

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The audio above is wrong. It should be (baytuka). Anyway each means (your house), to a male. However, each one is used in a different case.

  • Baytuka: Nominative case. When the word (bayt) is not affected by anything.
  • Baytaka: Accusative case. When the word (bayt) receives the action of the verb.
  • Baytika: Genitive and Prepositional case. When the word comes in a Genitive relation (i.e. of your house) or when preceded with a preposition, like في (in) for example.


  • Nominative: Your house is near: بيتُكَ قريبٌ (baytuka qaríbun).
  • Accusative: I saw your house: رأيتُ بيتَكَ (ra2aytu baytaka).
  • Genitive: The door of your house: بابُ بيتِكَ (bábu baytika).
  • Prepositional: I went to your house: ذهبتُ إلى بيتِكَ (δahabtu 2ilá baytika).

And there might be some other cases not mentioned here but these are some of the basics. Hope it's clear.


Thank you for the grammatical breakdown with examples. I only recognized the difference when addressing a male or female, but am not versed in the meanings of different cases (nominative, accusative, prepositional, etc.)

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Of course we are speaking about standard Arabic here. Nowadays in dialects and everyday speech, people don't use grammar almost completely.

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