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  5. "مِعْطَف أَزْرَق"

"مِعْطَف أَزْرَق"

Translation:a blue coat

July 19, 2019



Can someone explain please when is the right form 'azraq' and when is it 'zarqa'? It is quite confusing


Azraq is used to describe masculine words, while zarqo' is used to describe feminine words. The same thing goes with other colors.


When I took Arabic classes I was told it had to do with tamarboutah ة

They said you can't have alif ا after tamarboutah ة but maybe I'm wrong or its OK if you have al ال


Yes please... i hv same ques for other colors as well... when is it suitable to use abyaD n when to use bayDaa ??


Each color corresponds to three specific letters. For example...

z r k (blue)

b y d (white)

b n y (brown) etc..

Each color has masculine and feminine gender assigned to them based on the location of the three letters.

Masculine: a 2 _ _ a _

Feminine: _ a _ _ a 2

Fill in the blanks with the three letters from a color to observe its masculine or feminine form.

Furthermore, the gender of a color is determined by the object it applies to when used as an adjective, not the person you are speaking to.

I hope that helps.


I have the same questions as FatNThoed.


Why is "mightaf" pronounced as "maghtaf"? Or am i just hearing things?


It is pronounced correctly. You might have heard other things.


it is pronounced as MIYATAF. where Y is stressed triple times more than it used to

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