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My Indonesian progress, in less than a year!!

So in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) I can now:

~Have a simple conversation

~Ask how some one is and saw how I am

~Say what languages I am learning, and or wanting/planing to learn

~Tell about what I am eating/drinking

~Count from zero to hundred from memory (Menghitung dari nol ke seratus!!)

~Speak simple slang (I don't know many slang words lmao)

~Describe hobbies and what I am doing

~Express my likes and dislikes

~Write simple Indonesian sentences

~Watch Indonesian shows (With subs or shows in basic Indonesian)

~Swear in Indonesian (Yeah I know count me blessed)

~Understand some Indonesian songs/music

I don't know about you guys but I think I have gotten good, and far progress in these past few months. I still have tons to learn though, but I am proud of the progress I have made so far. Sampai jumpa orang!! Waves

July 19, 2019



hey @kohoutseks: ...selamat - congratulations! ...semoga kemampuan kamu meningkat terus menerus! ...but we don't use 'orang' like we use 'people' in many english expressions, so colloquially we use 'semuanya', the equivalent of 'everyone' or "y'all" -> sampai jumpa, semuanya! ...cheers! (lived in sumatra for a few years)


Terima kasih banyak!! Ooo, baik ke tahu!!


Yes, I am impressed with this too. Usually I'm very bad in learning new languages. But in an year I am able to chat with ..err..what is the modern version of a penpal..a chatpal, a whatspal?


Ah me too, but I try my best to overcome that.

Well, penpals do still exist though not as many as there was in the past. Now a days more people receive texts than mail.


Excellent man! How much would you say you have studied weekly (on average)?


Depending on the week I could study a lot or a little. I always take down notes and I even sometimes challenge myself where I write all the Indonesian words I know by memory on a piece of paper in 5 minutes. I even challenge myself to count from zero to hundred on a daily basis.


I'm slightly jealous. :p Because Indonesian is definitely my most weakest language of all the languages I'm learning and I'm also curious about your study habits concerning bahasa Indonesia.


Really, it is? Well, I have all of my accounts set into Indonesian. I also study by listening to Indonesian music, watching Indonesian shows, and chatting with people who are fluent in the language. I even for a while helped Indonesians learn English and they in turn helped me in learning Indonesian. I do study a lot depending on the day, and I also take notes on my phone and in my notebook. I also try to think in Indonesian when I can.


That's great! Congratulation. But Indonesian barely even never use 'sampai jumpa orang' at daily basis.


Yeah it sounded weird to me tbh.


That's awesome mate, congrats! What language are you thinking of tackling next? Or do you plan on consolidating Indo first?

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