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"I do not know his neighbor Maha."

Translation:لا أَعْرِف جارَتهُ مَها.

July 20, 2019



Is there a distinction in Arabic, as in Romance languages for instance, between 'to know a fact' and 'to be familiar with a person'?

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If you mean in the sense of "kennen" and "wissen" in German, then yes kinda there is. Usually if you are talking about facts, info of any kind, then you can use the verb (أعرف: A3rif) or (أعلم:A3lam). However, if you are talking about knowing a person, then you cannot use (أعلم:A3lam). So, you can say that (ِأعرف:A3rif) is more general in the sense of knowing.


As Maha is a female name shouldn't it be "HER neighbor Maha"?

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The two are not connected.
The sentence talks about some man, whose neighbor is called Maha. So, his neighbor Maha.


يوجد خطأ في ترجمتكم... حيث كتبتم جارتها مكان جارته... راجعوا الجملة من جديد .....

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الجملة كما هي مكتوبة في الأعلى تحتوي على (جارته) لا (جارتها)

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