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"He kaikuaʻana pohō loa ʻo Malia."

Translation:Malia is a very useless older sister.

July 20, 2019



'A'ole pono to use the word useless to describe a person.


Yeah I was kinda surprised to see that. Harsh...


My thoughts exactly.


I'm pretty sure there are other things (with emphasis on things) that could be discribed as useless. A sister not being a thing is not one of them. I'm very surprised that there is a whole lesson on learning "Ke Akua pū" and other "polite phrases" and here you teach how to belittle and dismiss a person. That it is always the female who is useless is a completely different story, but not less wrong.


Hear HEAR! THANK you!! Mahalo for referring back to the "Polite Expressions" unit.


Agreed, except that for me this is the second such example. The first was a useless older brother, so the gender thing is at 50-50.


That can really be offending.


And very far from the normal Hawaiian style!


Too bad that whoever is making these lessons never reads these comments. I already did a long rant on another thread about how "pohō" should never be used to describe people. It's not only derogatory, it's a MISUSE of the word pohō! Auē nō hoʻi ē!


This is painful to read. Judging people by their "usefulness" is messed up. -- a disabled language learner


When is "loa" translated as "very" (my previous understanding), and when is it translated as "most" (a recent addition to the vocabulary here)? What markers differentiate these usages?


damn who did Malia get mad


Just wondering, is the trashcan symbol next to the up and down arrow an encouragement to erase the post?


It is not encouragement, it is an option in case you posted something that you want to remove. I have used it many times for my typos and mistakes.


I usually don't get into these debates, but I'd rather call an inanimate object worthless than my sister...

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