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  5. "Eu cozinho o segundo prato."

"Eu cozinho o segundo prato."

Translation:I cook the second dish.

June 11, 2014



I presume 'second plate' means 'main course' or something similar?


It's surely a "dish", a type of food, what is next on the menu....

I cook the second dish. (It's nonsense to cook a literal plate, but "prato" in Portuguese can mean "dish" too).


We culinarily challenged Brits have a starter, a main course, and dessert. Translating it into those terms, I guessed that it means the second, or main, course.


Well, it depends... in Brazil people like to offer appetizers before the meal and I also have seen more than one main dish! O.o you can have guesses but not an exact answer ;)


A week ago I tried to help a friend with some recipes written in Portuguese. Most of them had a word "açorda" in the title. What is "açorda"?


That simply doesn't exist in Brazil.....

Google tells me it's a typical Portuguese dish.


Yes, Portuguese cuisine. But I thought the word might mean "dish"... or anything! Thanks anyway.


Here in Texas, we never use the word dish unless we're refferring to washing them. We would food that comes in a bowl a bowl and food that comes in a plate a plate. At least from my experience. We are served plates. Or we go in the kitchen and make a plate.


"Prato" meaning "dish" is a classical example of a metonymy (or synecdoche... I never know).

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