We need the "my answer should have been accepted" report option. Always!

There are a number of cases where listening exercises have no audible difference between different forms. For some reason, these can not be reported as "my answer should have been accepted". I suppose this is because we are only hearing one sentence, and so there is only one right answer. But some of us are doing french...

But that is not the only case. There are also the cases where grammatical mistakes are marked as typos. Here I do in some cases want the "my answer should have been accepted", but in other cases I would of course also like the "my answer should have been wrong".

July 20, 2019


I agree! Let me also apply this suggestion to written Chinese to English translations where the Duolingo answer is exactly the same as my answer but marked down as incorrect. I have repeated this segment several times and on each occasion the same problem has arisen. This would be an indication of a systemic issue with the program. This is very problematic as it jams the progression for the completion of a level as long one is unable to get past this problem. I have written via email to Duolingo without any avail. Wondered if I surfaced it here, I might get some attention. I am a PLUS member. Doesn't seem like it makes any difference. Duolingo is otherwise near excellent! What an unnecessary way to lose reputation points !!

July 21, 2019

In 2 cases, I have properly identified the picture, correct spelling, accents, etc but have been told that my answer is incorrect and I am unable to continue in the section. The two items were 'le vin' and 'un bebe'. Even if I click on skip, the program keeps reverting to the same question all the while showing that the answer I submitted is correct. How can this be??

September 9, 2019
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