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The arabic course

I don't understand all the 2's in the English translation (on the Arabic description) course even when Arabic is my mother tongue! And also In Arabic, the word professor and doctor can sometimes mean the same word

July 20, 2019


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2 = ء
3 = ع
7 = ح

and sometimes 9 = ص (but to my knowledge Moroccans use it for Q: ق). I made a system of my own but it is cumbersome still, but I just tried to avoid numbers. Anyway, this is how it works on Duolingo.


Thank you for this helpful comment. At first I didn't understand the numbers at all. As you can see , I gave you a lingot.

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Thank you. Glad to help

[deactivated user]

    There is a 3 later lol, I also thought that was weird (I don't know Arabic), but they said it is the way people used to send text messages in Arabic using the Latin alphabet.

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