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  5. "Alright, until next time!"

"Alright, until next time!"

Translation:يَلّا إِلى ٱلْلِّقاء!

July 20, 2019



Tamam should be ok

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If we want to speak about good and proper Arabic, as it should be seen and read in novels, and literature in general, Tamam would not be used. For the meaning of "Alright" it would be better to say هذا جيد (háDhá jayyid: this is good), or جيد جدا (jayyidun jiddan: very good), or even simply just جيد (jayyid: good). And maybe sometimes ممتاز (mumtáz: excellent).


أليس من الأفضل التركيز على العربية؟ الرجاء التوقف عن استخدام الألفاظ العامية المحصورة الإستخدام في أماكن محدودة مثل "يلا".

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قد أسمعت إن ناديت حيا...


for me each time i press an answer it says another one is right and then when i press the one they said was right it counts it wrong anyone else facing the same problem THANKS


Most often when this has happened to me ive found ultinately that I was making some small unnoticed mistake. Im just saying, definitely analyse closely


My question is, why is there a double line over the second "L"?

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The sentence here is pretty much "improper" Arabic.
Anyway, I don't see the double line, so probably this is caused by the small font.

يلّا إلى اللِّقاء

maybe you were pointing to the Shadda+Kasrah combination ـِّ which appear like double line when the font is small. Anyway, this simply points to (LLi), double letter+ i


Too small to read properly but I thought yalla meant "hurry up!"..

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well "yalla" is improper Arabic .. a dialect ... and it means both depending on the context; Either "hurry up" or "let's go" or " alright" and sometimes can be a bit aggressive specially with a gesture from the hand, like telling someone to (go away/begone) - so it depends on the mood in general. Again, it's not a proper Arabic.

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