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Test Frustration

I just tried to do a Test twice so I could move to the next level. In both tests the talking questions weren't working and the system basically said I failed the test. I answered every question but these ones correctly.
The problem with this course is that there is no explanation for anything - you just have to learn without understanding why. There's no-one to ask for help, so although I'm quite enjoying it, it also causes a lot of frustration when you don't understand why you got something wrong, why different words are used for the same thing, why words change etc etc. I have to look up youtube to find out things this course should be teaching me. It's basically just repetition repetition repetition without understanding of why you are learning what you're learning. And there's no-one to complain to!!!

July 20, 2019



And the Quiz questions have very little resemblance to the course material covered to that point. Weird.


Test ? Quiz ?

I have not seen those tests/quizzes in the course.

Is this only for "Plus" users ?


Where are you from?


Yes and no, it can be for plus users or non plus users.


Weird, I had no problem? And can be for plus users or non plus users.

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