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  5. "Where did you get it?"

"Where did you get it?"

Translation:Ulikipata wapi?

July 20, 2019



Just a suggestion, but all these indeterminate infix answers could be solved by including the object in the sentence, like, "Where did you get the car?" Or, "I bought the mangoes at the market."


How are we supposed to guess what the "it" is..so as togive you the infix you want?


The question given does not provide any way to know that "ki" is the correct object infix. It would be like asking "How old is he," without specifying who you're talking about, and then rejecting every answer except 8 because the unspecified person you're asking about is 8. This is frustrating.


What's the difference between "uliupata wapi?" And "ulikipata wapi?"

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