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  5. "مِعْطَفِك جَميل يا جودي."

"مِعْطَفِك جَميل يا جودي."

Translation:Your coat is pretty, Judy.

July 20, 2019



Why mi3tafik and not mi3tafouki ? Mubtada2?


@Simon - That would be in MSA. Written Arabic. But in spoken Arabic, many dialects transpose the harkas thus. Instead of base word mi3tafu being added with suffix ka for male possession and ki for female possession; base word loses its dhamma and acquires the suffix 'a' for male and 'i' for female possession and then the kaaf is added last. So instead of mi3tafuka, male possession is denoted by mi3tafak, and instead of mi3tafuki, female possession is denoted by mi3tafik. This is for pronunciation ease.


OK thanks a lot, I was doubting if it’s for grammatical or oral reason ;)


This is wrong Arabic.


You are write but it seems who prepared the Arabic lessons do not know Arabic language.


The wright is to say "معطفُكِ جميل يا جودي" "m3Tfuki" and not "m3Tfik" it seems who prepared the Arabic lessons don't know Arabic language well.


Yes, it should be معطفُكِ if we follow Standard.

It is said that the Arabic Duolingo team have mixed up MSA with some Dialect.


i didn't heard معطفك properly .. Its sounds "Puffika"


It's that sound like a mix of a T and D, which can sound like a P haha


Why is it Ma3tafeka? It should be Ma3tafeke


It is Ma3tafik, ma3tafak would be the male


يا جوديه . مثل جوديه الذي في مسلسل ضيعة ضايعة :)


i checked arabic -> english on google and this came up. What? Search Results Translation Result Arabic English مِعْطَفِك mietafik Your ears



It is strange! When I wrote "مِعطَفِك", Google translated "Your heart". Then I wrote " مِعْطَفِك ", Google translated "Your kind". Then I rewrote "مِعطَفِك " Google translated " Your attitude ".

When I wrote "معطفك " without any Haraakat, Google translated " Your coat " and the audio said " mi3Tafuka " while the text shown "muetifik ".

Also, I wrote " مَعطفك " Google translated " Your coat " and the audio said " ma3Tafuka " while the text shown "maetfk ".

Finally, I wrote "مِعْطَف " Google say it is " Coat."


This is crazy! When I just put in "مِعْطَفِك" which you, Away54, were told was 'your kind', I was told 'your ears'.


I guess, Google Translate couldn't recognise the haraakat from our keyboard so we should write the Arabic without any haraakat.

When I write:


And, the audio says "mwa3Tifuka". It's almost correct according to Standard Grammar, Arabic fuSa. (The correct one is mi3Tafuka for -ka : you male)

Interestingly, the audio doesn't spell it as "-fak" or "-fik" like Duolingo (which is Slang) even though we may see that the transiteration from Google is "muetifik".

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