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  5. "Ghassan is Lebanese English."

"Ghassan is Lebanese English."

Translation:غَسّان إِنْجِليزِيّ لُبْنانِيّ.

July 20, 2019



If it's Lebanese English, shouldn't it be لبنانی انجلیزی? We have the noun adjective word order in Persian too, but we translate Iranian American to ایرانی آمریکایی.


No. Here, Lebanese is an adjective describing what kind of Englishman he is. In English, adjectives come before the nouns they modify. In Arabic, it is reversed; adjectives come after the nouns they modify.


Yes. Though this situation is a bit odd because"English" here is an adjective. But it is the principal adjective, and "Lebanese" modifies it. The word order tells us that. So what Benton said still holds.

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