"¿Quieres mi foto?"

Traducción:Do you want my picture?

April 17, 2013

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El uso del auxiliar do ¿ es opcional u obligatorio? y es que hasta ahora pensaba que era obligatorio pero en esta oración se acepta de las dos maneras.


Can i also use "pic"? Can someone answer my question?


I have researched, and "Pic" is ok, it's a short form for PICture (sorry capital letters are mine, for emphasis ), English is a very flexible language, English people like to use a lot of short forms but in some cases this must be used carefully because some forms are incorrect and even considered lazy or lack of culture (for example ..."Ain't"). Obviously, see the context, familiar or formal. Anyway I think Duolingo not accept this short form as an answer. Good luck!


I don't know if I have ever heard "pic". It would be a slang phrase, and I don't think that common.

I would say they should not accept it. In part, because we are focusing on written language in DL. What people say is not typically how the language is written.

For example, I never see my students writing " I wanna", even though I have seen that asked here in DL if it is OK here on DL. My students make many other mistakes, but they don't write "I wanna/gonna" or "didja see...", etc.

Nor does DL seem to accept texting abbreviations. My feeling is that we would be learning to write well. If we know how to write well, we can always write badly on our own time, or when we want.

Further, I have no desire to practice writing bad Spanish -- I am quite capable of writing Spanish poorly without having to learn how to write it poorly /badly.

And I have have seen numerous examples of bad English here on DL, by people who I believe are trying to write well.


Picture (es la abreviatura)


that's a little too internet slang for someone my age, but maybe The Kids Today are cool with replacing picture with pic entirely?


sugiero el uso del auxiliar do


mi pregunta va orientada al programa si tiene un panel en el cual uno pueda practicar la pronunciacion de cada unidad que cursas


Creo que debería aceptar photo también.


Pq se dice picture en vez de photo?


Picture and photo are correct answers. You can say "photo" when you know that proceed from a camera. On the other hand, you can use "picture" for the other situations.

I hope this helps.


"pic" deberia aceptarse tambien?


Se supone que es la forma corta, o sea... No me dejó r-r


por qué no se vale like si también significa gusta


to like gustar to want querer Quieres mi foto? No es Te Gusta mi foto?


Duolingo pregunta una cosa y despues responde otra


What photoes means?

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What is the difference between like and want? Help me please, I do not comprehend the use for these


¿Es necesario "do"?


Photo... Tambien se puede utilizar??


Se supone que foto es photo no picture

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