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"Estas fueron lágrimas de felicidad."

Translation:These were tears of happiness.

June 11, 2014



Why not "those were tears of joy." These to me sounds like it would only take the present like "these ARE tears of joy" but if its in the past it sounds weird...


because 'those' = esas


ah yes, i think i read what i wanted it to say! I still think it sounds weird in english though :)


Yeah, the "these were" part sounds weird to me too. It should either be those were or these are. Saying "these were" sounds like they aren't anymore. (And yes, we more often say joy in English).


Agreed. It is possible to imagine a situation where "these were" works, like: "these were good shoes but now they are ruined," but this would require the item in question to still be present. Once tears are cried they tend to no longer exist, so "those were" would make much more sense in English.


Unless they were looking at a photograph of tears on a person's face. Or a tear-stained letter. The actual tears in question would be present, so "These were tears of joy" would make sense.


Yeah George, for sure you could make up a context that works. Tears in a bottle was the one I suggested.

The thing is, if we have to come up with abstract contexts to justify a DL sentence then it suggests the sentence itself is abstract.


Yes, it is abstract, and such sentences require the reader to think using various interpretations. I imagine that was the point of this exercise.

The shift in your expectation is what makes you learn the subtle distinctions. For one thing, it sparked this conversation. What "makes most sense" in English is irrelevant in this case. (Think about what you read, catch the errors your automatic English brain has made, correct them, and imagine an interpretation where the sentence makes sense) is a better way to learn than just reading what you expect it to mean.


I have no problem with thinking about possible interpretations. It's having to invent obscure contexts just so a sentence makes sense that seems counterproductive to me.


It sounds weird in Spanish to use estas as well.


Nothing like mixed tenses...perhaps the tears were not quite dried when someone asked.....


Or they had been stored in a bottle.


she is definitely saying estes, not estas.


Happiness should be "joy"


Not really. "felicidad" is not "joy". http://www.spanishdict.com/translate/felicidad

And see RogerChristie above


Definitely an awkward English translation.

[deactivated user]

    Don't you add an accent to the E (Éstas) when there is no noun accompanying it?


    A quote from this source: http://www.spanishdict.com/guide/demonstrative-pronouns-in-spanish

    "In the past, demonstrative pronouns were always written with a tilde (written accent) to differentiate them from demonstrative adjectives. However, la RAE (Real Academia Española ), the institution responsible for regulating the Spanish language, has ruled that the tildes are no longer necessary."



    the pronunciation is surely estes instead of estas, but also laGRImas instead of LAgrimas


    Should be THOSE were tears of happiness


    The Spanish translates as "these". However, I agree that "these" doesn't make much sense in English. See Tezram above, and associated comments.

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