I'm new...

So, I'm just trying to learn another language and in this case, it's Chinese. But what I don't get is that, Duolingo doesn't really explain the words...Aid, please?

Reply: Okay thank you!!! I'm sorry.. I couldn't figure out how to yeah.. anyways thanks!!!!

July 21, 2019

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I haven't done the Chinese course but if you hover your mouse over unfamiliar words, Duolingo should give you a translation.

Also, many courses, when you click on a round circle to enter the skill set, will give you a "light bulb" icon that you can click. When you see a light bulb, click it. It will take you to a page of tips and notes that will help you understand what's going on. The Chinese course has lots of tips and notes -- almost every skill set has them.

July 21, 2019
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