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Anyone know what this one means?

"Tras Madonna, llega Vanity Fair, Sevilla está que se sale esta última semana y parace que se ha abonado a los grandes acontecimientos."

I was the first to translate it, but I just did a really bad word for word to compare against the Duobot... and it still makes no sense to me.

July 21, 2012



Yeah, there is some difficult stuff going on there. Vanity Fair is, in this case, a party thrown by Vanity Fair in Sevilla. "Está que se sale" is an expression that can be translated to several different things depending on context but means that something is really good.

I would try to translate it to something like this: "After Madonna, comes Vanity Fair. Sevilla is on top this last week and it appears that they have subscribed to the big events."


OK, thanks. I forget that idioms sometimes just don't make sense unless you know them.

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