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Is there any way to test out of the alphabet/sound exercises (Arabic)?

...I assume probably not. :/ The initial test allowed me to skip several Arabic lessons, but even after that a good third or more of the exercises seem to be identifying which characters make what sounds, which is frustrating. I learned the characters and sounds a loooong time ago and can sound out words when I see them written in Arabic. I'm mainly looking to a.) improve my reading speed, and b.) practice more with the spoken language/vocabulary (even if it's not the correct dialect, it's at least keeping my brain flexible...) But spending soooooo much time on repetitive sound/character exercises really takes me out of the learning/practicing mode.

July 21, 2019



There should be a key button in the corner of the bubble that pops up when you click on a lesson. I wouldn't exactly recommend testing out unless you're sure you are confident in reading Arabic but the option is there.


yeah I miss a button to switch out the character learning out, too. the sorting of five latin characters (combinations) to five arabic characters(combinations) is specially anoying, I just realized that you can skip them out but havent't found a keyboard shortcut for skip shouldn't be too hard to make. In some other languages like chines it's the same issue


I agree, I want to skip these as well

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