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"في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة هُناك بِنْتي وَجارَتها روزا."

Translation:In this picture, there are my daughter and her neighbor Rosa.

July 21, 2019



Well, what I would say is "In this picture are my daughter and her neigbour Rosa". I find the two other alternatives ("in this picture there is/there are") to be awkward and unidiomatic (though the first of them is what you get by translating the Arabic word for word into English). Duolingo quite frequently seems to go for unidiomatic, word for word English translations, and marks down the idiomatic ones.


Also, I believe the correct English grammar, because the speaker is referring to more than one person, should be "In this picture there are my daughter and her neighbor Rosa."


When followed by more than one singular, the most common usage is to use "there is."


It should be there is not there are because daughter is singular not plural

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