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Looked for vs looked through

"Ella miro por la ventana" translates to "she look through the window" on here and it's wrong to translate it as 'she looked for the window.' Just curious if one wanted to actually say 'she looked for the window' how one could say that?

July 21, 2012



The verb "to look for" is translated as "buscar" in Spanish. The correct translation would be "Ella buscó la ventana." In general, you have to be careful translating phrasal verbs (verbs that go with a preposition and change meaning e.g. "look for") too directly. Prepositions are very difficult to translate. It's best to look for the translation of the verb as a whole phrase. www.wordreference.com is usually a good source for those translations.

Just in case of typos, "miró" has an accent and means "looked" (past tense).

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