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ADVICE :Becoming Confident in Speaking

Anyone have any techniques or advice in getting more confident in speaking? I have noticed that I have an issue with freezing up because I get so anxious and scared to talk. I know what people say to me 80% of the time so it's not an issue of being unsure but it takes me longer to grab the information to respond. I become a deer in headlights. . I don't know many people that speak Swahili so I can't exactly practice as much as I need to. I also cant visit or live in Tanzania or Kenya any time soon unfortunately so. I know immersion is the best way to really grip and retain a new language. Please help me out!!

July 21, 2019



I had a similar problem when i was learning French, and I asked a friend how he did it. His response was, "express yourself. As long as you express yourself, you'll be fine." It didn't really make sense to me because in a way, I was struggling to do that. I realised that mostly, it was the fear of being laughed at whenever I made mistakes, but I learnt that it was those mistakes and corrections that made me better despite being laughed at. I eventually gained confidence and I started to give responses without thinking deeply. If you do not have many people to practice with, try to join some Swahili chats on any social media platform, or make some Kenyan friends online and converse with them in Swahili. You could also listen to Kenyan or Tanzanian based radio stations online on follow through conversations to help with hearing and understanding quicker. I have two friends who speak Swahili, so they help me out when I make mistakes. I hope one or two things will be of help. Good luck!


I know, just do it, say a few words. People will be very happy even if you only can say hello properly in Swahili. Be happy with anyone that speaks a few words Swahili.

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