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Too much repetition in the arabic course?

For those doing the arabic course, do you find the repetition of similar questions as annoying as i do? Subsequent stages of the same theme are meant to be harder or at least different, but i find that little or no new vocabulary is introduced. On the plus side i know how to say 'Bob is a good translator' quite well now.

July 21, 2019



New vocabulary isn't supposed to appear at higher crown levels of the same skill—it should be giving you harder/more complex sentences using the same vocabulary.

I have noticed a good deal of repetition, but, personally, I'm not finding that most of the Arabic vocabulary sticks very easily, so I can't complain about it. If you already know a lot of the material then this would undoubtedly be more irritating.


i agree with you...that's why i did the tests for all the alphabet levels to get to the good stuff, as i grew up speaking arabic and have forgot some words due to not having people to speak it with...


I feel the same way. When you compare it to other languages like German or Russian on Duolingo, the vocabulary in Arabic seems to be lacking still. The course only seems about half as long as most others as well so hopefully it expands as people provide feedback


Yep, I feel the same.


I only did stages of each theme until I felt I had them, and then I moved on to the next theme. I thought there was supposed to be more repetition than necessary, so that if you were REALLY stuck with one you could just stay with it and do it all in one go.


"On the plus side, I know how to say 'Bob is a good translator' quite well now."

EXACTLY. Like any thing, repetition helps to cement words and phrases into the brain. Of course, you can test out, to see the more challenging material.


I tested out. The level of difficulty pretty much stays the same


Yeah at first it was fine but it gets annoying after a while.

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