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"أَنا مُتَحَمِّسة جِدّاً اَلْيَوْم!"

Translation:I am very excited today!

July 22, 2019



مرحبا اخوتي لا انصح بتعلم العربية في هذا البرنامج يوجد الكثير من الاخطاء وانا شخصيا متحدث العربية منذ الطفولة ولا استطيع تجاوز اختبارات دولينجو بالعربية بسهولة ليس لانه صعب بل لانه غلط


I am so excited today ?

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Welcome to the club. I've been getting such "wrong answers" while training on my Irish, all the time. I'm still not sure why "so" is correct at times and not other times and why "very" is correct at times and not the others. However, seems in the Turkish courses the two coincide and whatever you type is accepted anyway


ال& فتحه & کسره& مونث مذکرso confuzing این arabic


جدا means latest, right? and in this case, جدا الیوم means today, right?

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It means "very". اليوم is (today) here and it is specifying the time period of the event. The word جدا (very) is an adverb describing the adjective that comes before it متحمسة (excited/enthusiast).


can you put jiddan after al-yawm?

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It's possible since Arabic is flexible in order at some point as long as the proper ending (declensions) are kept. However, for جدا specifically it is better to add it right after the adjective that it emphasizes (like the English very or so). So, even though it can be grammatically OK to leave it to the end, but in conversation, reading, or listening, it can sound a bit cumbersome.

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