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Anyone here knows Urdu?

I figured it would be a good thing to learn both at the same time. Some sentences are exactly the same, only difference is the alphabet.

auto translators like google and microsoft are bad. they translate to English first, sometimes changing the sentece unnecessarily

I need help translating expressions. the first Urdu lesson, ends with:

ab ejazat de, khoda hafez

what would you say in Hindi?

July 22, 2019



ab ejazat de = अब इजाज़त दें - 'Permit (me) (to leave) now'. You can use this in Hindi too.
khoda hafez = ख़ुदा हाफ़िज़ - It is originally a Persian greeting you use while departing meaning 'May God protect you'. It is not exactly Hindi/Urdu but is pretty common in the subcontinent especially among Muslims though non-Muslims also sometimes use it.

PS: Where are you learning Urdu? I've always wanted to learn the alphabet.


Hi @Vinay,

Thank you so much for solving this for me. No matter where I tried to translate they changed the sentence and it became abhee anumati de, so I thought you couldn’t say it like that.

To answer your question, I’m fluent in Persian, and Urdu makes Hindi much more familiar to me. I’ve started Urdu with Mango.

Here, the public libraries have bought Mango, so you only need a public library card to learn with Mango. It has both Urdu and Hindi. Unfortunately, it does not teach both the same way.

Of course, there are lots of you tube videos for the alphabet. I only needed to learn like 3 new letters, and re-learn one that is pronounced differently.

I’ll be in touch with the next lesson :)


I could definitely teach you the alphabet.

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