Tips contains an error regarding -ir verb conjugation

Under the light-bulb tips for the “Habits” skill (I am using mobile), it says:

“You already know that verbs ending in -er (...) usually follow a similar pattern. The same is true for verbs that end in -ir, such as dormir and finir.”

Then it gives the conjugation table for “dormir.”

Actually dormir and finir are conjugated differently, and it’s “finir” that’s considered the regular -ir verb. For example, “nous dormons” but “nous finissons.”

I hope this gets corrected :)

July 22, 2019


Too many problems with the new French tree to list! I've given up on it completely - please keep up the good work on pointing out the bugs and someday it may be good enough to use again....

Have you posted this also as a bug?

July 22, 2019

Thanks, I’ll use the bug reporting form as well.

July 22, 2019

-ir verbs have two different conjugations, this isn't a glitch more of an example of both types of conjugation for it

July 23, 2019

Les verbes en -er sont du premier groupe (sauf aller) et sont réguliers

Les verbes en -ir qui font leur participe présent en -issant (finir -> en finissant) sont du deuxième groupe, et suivent effectivement une conjugaison régulière.

Tous les autres sont du troisième groupe, et sont tous plus ou moins irréguliers... Pour eux l'achat d'un Bescherelle est très fortement conseillé !

July 23, 2019
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