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Um texto de humor sobre a Copa do Mundo no Brasil

Hi. I ask a little, or a lot, of patience with my "almost something like English."
OK, but I loved this text from a Brazilian comedian guy who made an article half written in Portuguese, half written in "like almost" Brazilian English.

Take a look: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/colunas/gregorioduvivier/2014/06/1466925-pardon-anything.shtml

June 11, 2014



Haha! I pity the poor Brazilians from Florianópolis if their sotaque é igual to mine.


This guy is completely crazy! And genius haha To me the best, and it is difficult to choose, is he putting farofa in everything and.. everything is: delicious! He - is - crazy!



Que texto da hora!!!

What text of the hour!!!! (It should be "what a cool text").

You remembered me of this guy (he really talk Inglês like this.....totally errado)



"What text of the hour!!!!" That's it!! kkk

Oh, OK, anything can be compared with The Master: Jôuluêl Saentaenna! But by the first time I saw the translation and I could understand his words full of wisdom! I feel more brainy now. kkk


Haha!!! Héad e Shôuders. The best contra a caspa!



Have you ever heard of Bobby Robson? He did a similar thing. I don't know what Portuguese speakers make of it, but the man next to him doesn't know where to look. http://tinyurl.com/ohxcyp3


No, I never didn't hear him. Ownn, you have a Joel Santana too. :) He is great! Now I'm dreaming to see they talking each other and, with me too. hahaha


He was a former coach of the national team and a much loved character, so I guess they're similar. Btw, we never say I never didn't. In this case we would say I've never heard of him (a useful phrase to know if you don't know someone as it's very common). Or an easier way to say it is I don't know him. http://www.grammar-monster.com/glossary/double_negative.htm


Yes, it's true. :( rsrsrs

I will never forget this lesson! :) Thank you! o/


"This text is a lot funny. I died of laugh. The big part of the brazilians really don't know speak english. Still good i know" :)


Yes! LOL Mi thu. :)

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