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  5. "I brush my hair every day."

"I brush my hair every day."

Translation:Palaki au i koʻu lauoho i nā lā a pau.

July 22, 2019



How is "Palaki au i lo'u lauoho i kēlā i kēia lā" not correct here? "i kēlā i kēia lā" is also translated as "every day", and is done so by other translations here in duolingo.


I feel your pain. DL is defining kēlā i kēia lā as "each day" or "daily."
"Every" is defined by DL as i nā lā a pau.


How is kahi i ko'u lauoho wrong? Kahi can also mean comb, and can be used in many, many, different situations... "Palaki" is just the hawaiianization of 'brush'

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