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"We are here and you are there."

Translation:naDev maHtaH 'ej pa' tlhIHtaH.

July 22, 2019



I wrote "naDev maH 'ej pa' tlhIH". Should this be accepted? (I did not use the "Report" function because I am not 100% sure.)


We got clarification on that at the qep'a' this weekend. It seems that there is a tendency among Klingons to use -taH on pronouns-as-"to be" when the subject is a mobile thing (like a person) and to not use -taH when the thing is thought of as not being mobile (like a room, building, or planet). But it is just a tendency, not a rule. So we'll be working on slowly going through and making sure that all the variations are accepted. Feel free to report them.


Thanks, I'll report it next time.

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