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"a jacket"


July 22, 2019


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i have a sound icon here and when i click it, it plays the audio. However it is absolutely wrong. They didn't do a good job with the text-to-speech machine here, this is beside جاكيت is simply an adaptation to the English word Jacket and not a real Arabic word. The Arabic one should be سترة (sutrah), and maybe sometimes معطف (Mi3t^af).


In Ancient Arabic, "سُترَةٌ" means barrier.

قل النبي ﷺ :إذا صلى أحدكم فليصل إلى سترة...

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Generally speaking, The root (S T R) is about covering or blocking. Some words extracted from this root:

  • سِتار (sitár): cover/veil.
  • سِتارَة (sitárah): curtain - the first one can also be used for "curtain".
  • ساتِر (sátir): block/cover/barrier.
  • السَتّار (al-sattár): The Coverer, one of Allah's titles.


My apology before.

For the الستار, we need الدليل to say it's one of the Allaah's names.

Hope you're not insulted by this comment. :)


There is sound when you click on the words or the blue speaker icons. However, I been having problems for a few weeks where I'm not always getting sound when I click on the words or icons. Is this what is happening to you as well? If it is, turn in a bug report.


I am using Duolingo through a mobile phone. I have never seen or heard the words that they ask me to translate, before. I have been thrown at this directly after doing simple syllable matches. There is no sound icon next to the upper left part and if I try to report any of the above, I only get a "There's a problem with the exercise" option, so I can't even explain what the problem is about, before submitting it. Any suggestions, please?


*next to the word on the upper left part


Pronunciation would be great

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most Arabs would say it as: já-két (long A as in father, and long E as AI in bait). Egyptians would say Jakitta.
Anyway, speaking of proper Arabic, the word for jacket is مِعْطَف (mi3Taf).


What's the 3 in between the word? Is it pronounced as 3?

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It's just a representative for a sound that does not exist in English, that is ع, which is a pharyngeal stop, and probably in IPA it is written something like: ؟ (without the dot at the bottom).


It sounds like google translate


mmm, the audio for جاكيت sounds like 'zha-kite' like a frechman, instead of 'ja-keet' - but then again there must he a real arabic word for jacket, right?

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Yep. It's سُتْرَة (sutrah).
The audio here is produced by a speech machine and not a real person, but anyway, some Arabs, specifically the Levant, tend to soften the (J) sound to French (J)


...oh wow - that's interesting!

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