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Supplementing learning

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Hi fellow learners, thought I would share with you a site called www.quizlet.com (app also available) if you enter duolingo in the search box it will present you with several lists relating to what we are learning here on duolingo. I use this a lot to reinforce vocab, revise irregular verb conjugations etc. There are currently 2350 Duolingo sets =

some examples

Duolingo Spanish Adverbs Duolingo Spanish Adjectives Duolingo Spanish Colors Duolingo Spanish places Duolingo Spanish Idioms

4 years ago

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Another Duolingo user and I have set up a Quizlet class for Spanish Duolingo. It currently has 62 vocabulary sets which mainly focus on the vocabulary related to specific DL skills, plus some other lagniappe (french translation-a little something extra) decks for those interested. You can check them out here

If you want a deck made for a specific skill that isn't already there, let me know and I will make one. I was so bummed when the vocabulary tab was taken away, I kind of stopped working on decks, but now that I have it back, I may start up again.

4 years ago