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  5. "Sam is new and generous."

"Sam is new and generous."

Translation:سام جَديد وَكَريم.

July 22, 2019


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Audio works for me here.


I can't hear audio in the example sentences. Is this intentional, on order to increase the difficulty at this point? I submitted a report, too, just in case this is a bug.


Can we make the letters bigger?


Shouldn't the adjective order be switched in Arabic?

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This is true when the adjectives are successive (without interruption). Here we have (and) or و in between the two adjectives, so the order goes smoothly between the two languages. In fact, changing the adjectives order specially here with (and) or و does not change the meaning. However, with Duolingo, things don't go that way as probably they do a word-to-word comparison. So, the sentence might be correct, but the system in Duolingo would mark it incorrect.

This said, worth noting that successive adjectives are not always sensitive to order but it would be better to follow the reversing order rule to play it safe, specially when it comes to, for example, compound nationalities (e.g. Ahmad is a Jordanian American engineer).


In general, if two adjectives were to be separated by a preposition, the reversing order applies, right? I understand that reversing the order does not change the meaning, but my question is more on what the general idea is with respect to such translations.

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In general yes, changing the order of adjectives when there is a conjugation like (and) does not change the meaning. Because logically you are putting the adjectives on equal footing when you use (and) to connect them.


Why is it not sam jadidun wakarimun? Somebody help!

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your answer is in fact correct and more accurate than what Duolingo is offering here.


Sometimes the "and" sounds like unwa and sometimes uwa. Which is correct.

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it might be a sound issue. "and" in Arabic is simply "wa".


I write the correct answer, but it takes wrong!

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