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  5. "David is fast."

"David is fast."

Translation:دَوود سَريع.

July 22, 2019


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The audio works for me here, but it's wrong. The name Dawúd (David) is not spelled correctly.


How is it supposed to be spelled?

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dá-wúd (or daa-wood, with oo being long as in soon).

in Arabic typically there are 2 ways to write the name but i prefer this form because it has accurate representation of the long vowels: داوود


The Arabic alphabet has no character for the "v" sound, so they cant make it sound like "David". I think they got close enough with "daa-wood", saying it faster makes it sound more like "David".

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Yes, but it's not about having V or not, it's about the name equivalent in Arabic. The equivalent for David in Arabic is داوود (dáwúd). The audio is wrong as well as the Arabic orthography above.
Concerning writing the name itself, like the name of a non-Arab character let's say, it is typically written with "F" as ديفيد and maybe some people write it as دفيد.
Some key-sets can implement the letter (V) ڤ (similar to "F" but with 3 dots above), which is not used in Arabic normally but adapted by other languages that use/used a modified version of the Arabic script.

Here are some equivalents for common names:

  • John: يحيى (yaHyá).
  • Solomon: سليمان (sulaymán).
  • Jesus: عيسى (3ísá).
  • Moses: موسى (músá).
  • Mary: مريم (maryam).
  • Abraham: إبراهيم (ibrahím).
  • Joseph: يوسف (yúsuf).
  • Elijah: إلياس (ilyás).
  • Elisha: اليسع (alyasa3).
  • Jonah: يونس (yúnus).

This is what I could remember for the time being.

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Mariam-Amer361: This is what I'm saying, this letter is not original in the Arabic script, but added by non-Arabic speakers who write (used to write) in Arabic script (or collectively: Perso-Arabic script), like Ottoman Turkish.
Depending on the availability of this letter in the key-set, most of the time it would be dubbed as ف instead, like when doing subtitles for the movies.


Nah we have the letter v = ڤ But it is not included with the alphabets ا to ي


David is a prophet's name, in English it's David, but in Arabic, especially in quran the name is dawud


Why not write daa-wi-d

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The audio is wrong in the first place.
The name "David" in Arabic is داوود (Dá-wúd) or (Daa-wood).


Sound files are corrupt

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They produced using a speech-machine not a real person, so there is a lot of issues.


Not دوود its دايفيد


They are translating the name "David" here. They translate names that have Arabic equivalents in this Duolingo course.


داوود أعتقد أنها تكتب بالألف

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