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"اَلْهاتِف مُعَطَّل وَٱلْتِّلْفاز أَيْضاً."

Translation:The telephone is out of order and the television also.

July 23, 2019



Very bad sentence structure


The word also implies that both the telephone and the television are out of order. How would we say: Both the telephone and the television are out of order?

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That would be: الهاتف والتلفاز معطلان OR الهاتف والتلفاز عاطلان - but I'm in favor of the first one because the second might be a bit not correct in terms of the adjective used.
There is a longer version: كلُّ من الهاتف والتلفاز معطل. But it might be a bit complicated to explain, not sure.
If I'm pointing to both, the telephone and the TV without mentioning them, I would then say: كِلاهُما معطلان [kiláhumá mu3att^alán], where the word (kiláhumá) stands for (both of them).


And so is the television. Better english


I got srong for adding a comma? Hahahaha


Terrible sentence

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