"Come, sit, eat and go."

Translation:आओ, बैठो, खाओ और जाओ।

July 23, 2019



Is the imperative of 'to sit' irregular? The other verbs in this sentence add 'oo'

July 23, 2019

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Not exactly irregular.

बैठ ('baiṭh') has a consonant ending due to schwa deletion (ie, the 'a' vowel attached to ठ is not pronounced). To make the तुम-form of the infinitive, we add ओ to this. Adding ओ to the vowel-less consonant ठ् would make it ठो, making the word बैठो.

Many verbs have a similar imperative form - देखो (see), सुनो (hear), सोचो (think), तैरो (swim), रहो (stay) etc

July 23, 2019
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