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  5. "Come, sit, eat and go."

"Come, sit, eat and go."

Translation:आओ, बैठो, खाओ और जाओ।

July 23, 2019



A very impatient and busy host


Is the imperative of 'to sit' irregular? The other verbs in this sentence add 'oo'


Not exactly irregular.

बैठ ('baiṭh') has a consonant ending due to schwa deletion (ie, the 'a' vowel attached to ठ is not pronounced). To make the तुम-form of the infinitive, we add ओ to this. Adding ओ to the vowel-less consonant ठ् would make it ठो, making the word बैठो.

Many verbs have a similar imperative form - देखो (see), सुनो (hear), सोचो (think), तैरो (swim), रहो (stay) etc


Thank you for all your contributions! I'm happy because they help me understand the language.


If Someone say this to their Guest :)


Is "bait karo " wrong?


Yes. 'बैठ करो ' is wrong.
'करना' is usually used to make compound verbs out of nouns and adjectives (eg: पसंद करना - 'to like', गलती करना - 'to make a mistake', प्यार करना - 'to love' etc). It is not added to verbs.

An exception is the addition of 'करना' to verbs borrowed from foreign languages when you insert them into a Hindi sentence. Eg: You can say 'sit करो' instead of बैठो in Hinglish.

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