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"صَديقي مُحَمَّد لابِس قُبَّعة."

Translation:My friend Mohamed is wearing a hat.

July 23, 2019



Again, not accurate in MSA.

يلبس is more correct (is wearing)

لابس is a bit of a different verb derivative, which indicates longer term or habit or passivity/lack of will. Like he has been worn this hat against his will and it has been on him for a long time. It isn't the ideal word here.


He has been WEARING this hat?


no real exact tense translation, think in Arabic :) thus I explained it.


Ooh, thank you for the instructive comment! I was picking up that لابس was more of an adjectival form, but wouldn't have known the nuance to the meaning without you, FiX!

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