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"هَل قِطَّتَك جَوْعانة يا مايْك؟"

Translation:Is your cat hungry, Mike?

July 23, 2019



Please help me out on this. How does the "qiTTatak" become this "kitpotek" or something? Am I not hearing it right? Or do I forget some rule?

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Honestly, the audio is quite a mess (an Arab child would say it better than this) but the word (your cat) قطتك sounds OK (despite the vowels upheaval).
Away from the audio, this sentence should be like this: hal qitt^atuka já'i3atun yá Máyk. هل قطّتك جائِعَةٌ يا مايك

What bothers me really is why won't they use Arabic names.


Thank you. And if it's "qitt^atuka" - is in this case there is the َ above the ط ?

They use some Arabic names too, not to worry. In this example it's Mike, there are couple more international ones, but ther's also Omar, Arwa, Reem and many more. :)

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Checking my post above I've realized something weird here, and that is the text (specifically the vowel markers or diacritics) get mixed for some reason I don't quite understand. I've edited the post above and removed some vowel markers to make it clear that there is shadda (ـّ) over ط, which is the equivalent of double letter or double sound. I will try to type that word here again and hopefully it will get displayed correctly.


As you can see there are 2 marks over ط one for shadda and one for fatHa - this is to make (tt^a) sound.


Thank you so much for your time! I, in my turn, also realizes, that I messed up myself - of course what I meant was why is there َ above the ت in the Duolingo original sentence - "هَل قِطَّتَك جَوْعانة يا مايْك؟". But I see now that you have written the correct version with ُ above ت . Great! Thanks a lot once again

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Most welcome. Yes, there is something weird going on, when I put Dhamma over "t" it suddenly moves backward over the Shadda on t^ - for this reason I had to put fatHa on the shadda to keep that space occupied and force the script to push the Dhamma forward over "t".
What a mess.
Good luck!


Omgggg I'm so confused

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