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"أَعْرِف كُلّ اَلْأَعْداد مِن ٠ إِلى ١٠ بِٱلْلُّغة ٱلْعَرَبِيّة."

Translation:I know all the numbers from 0 to 10 in Arabic.

July 23, 2019



I feel like the phrase "in Arabic" here should be translated as "in the Arabic language."

I know saying it in full like that isn't necessary in English, but I think it gives a better idea of the exact meaning of بِٱلْلُّغة ٱلْعَرَبِيّة


I wrote "I know all of the numbers from 0 to 10 in Arabic" as my translation and it was marked incorrect - is this translation meaningfully different?


Actually, I'm not sure why, but saying 'all of' instead of just 'all the' sounds...wrong? in English. It's not that the translation has a different meaning, but that's just the way you'd say it in English. I think it's cause here you're stating a specific amount, " I know all the numbers from 0-10" makes more sense. Using 'of' is maybe for an indefinite amount of something (which you can't apply to numbers).


Absolutely right, Melan_18. Similarly, you'd say "I know all the letters of the alphabet". I first thought it was to do with abstract entities, but it's not. You'd also say, "I know all the members of her family." "What, all of them?" "Yes, all of them". So it seems that adding "of" makes it more emphatic. And Phuvtuo is (unusually) wrong. Unless what s/he says is true in America.


You are wrong. Saying "all of the" instead of "all the" is not just correct but it is the most correct. "all the" is an abbreviated form that omits "of" because language speakers become lazy. If you were writing a formal paper, it would be better to include the "of".


I've always seen "number" as "رقم" not "عداد"


"رقم" Is used for phone numbers.


Hilarious as i think so far ive only learnt (can remember) 0 and 10 !

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