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  5. "زَوْجة لُبْنانِيّة غَريبة"

"زَوْجة لُبْنانِيّة غَريبة"

Translation:a weird Lebanese wife

July 23, 2019


[deactivated user]

    "Weird" is the only adjective you have, Duo? I don't think it will sound good to anyone's ear.


    The order sometimes changes. I said Lebanese wife is weird instead of A weird Lebanese wife?


    I tihnk it's more about how adjectives are ordered in English. You'd never say Lebanese weird wife, it just sounds wrong.


    When adjectives are in a list, put them in reverse order. If they are connected by the word "and" keep them in the same order around the "and". This has worked for me.


    Duo uses the adjective "غَريب" too much, it's annoying.

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