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  5. "Whom are you watching?"

"Whom are you watching?"

Translation:'Iv DabejtaH?

July 23, 2019



I'm confused as to when 'Iv comes at the beginning of the sentence and when it comes at the end. I have no knowledge of grammar, so that doesn't help. It seems that the other question words typically come at the beginning of the sentence, but 'Iv seems to come at the end. In this sentence, it comes in the beginning. As a grammar idiot, is there a way to understand where to place 'Iv in a sentence? Thank you, moderators, for all your help!! :)


'Iv (and nuq) come in the sentence exactly where the answer would go.

If the answer would be HoD vIbejtaH I am watching the captain, then you know the 'Iv goes where the HoD is.

And it's not just beginning or end of sentence. wa'Hu' vaS'a'Daq 'Iv Daleghpu'? Whom did you see at the Great Hall yesterday?

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