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"Kucing-kucing Andi suka susu."

Translation:Andi's cats like milk.

July 23, 2019



Hey.. kucing suka susu benar tapi mereka lactose intolerant.. please don't feed milk to your cats


Exactly! This is not the only language course on Duolingo that promotes this ancient myth. No regular milk for cats (cat milk exists), please, Duo! Would be great if you guys and gals changed these sentences.


Please don't feed your human body with milk. Cow's milk is for calf!


Why do you spam all the threads about feeding milk to cats? Pepole are trying to raise the awareness of potential cat owners and you turn their threads into garbage.

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Wow. You have the Indonesian and the Polish flags which are nearly horizontal mirrors of each other.

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"The cats of Andi like milk" is also accepted.

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