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"The measurements are not good."

Translation:Die Maße sind nicht gut.

April 17, 2013



Die Maße sind gut nicht. Why is it wrong?


Its to do with the position of nicht in the sentence. It should be "sind nicht gut". Depending on how you are using nicht and what you mean, it changes position in the sentence according to grammatical rules. This website explains it pretty generally (the rules can get a bit complicated) and is a good introduction. http://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/101/Mehr_Vorsprung_Grammatik/Kapitel_2.html


couldn't you use "Die Messungen"?


Yes. Without any context, I think I'd actually prefer that translation.


My German girlfriend agrees. How do I go about to suggest the correction/addition to the correct answer?


Next time it shows up, click on the 'report an error' button. It has an option that reads something like 'my answer should be accepted'. Alternatively, you could use the 'Support' button on the far left of the UI.


Mm... You make me wonder, which context does "Die Maße" implies then?


"Maße" means "measurements'"in the sense of sb.'s waist or chest measurements. Without context, that's not the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear 'measurement'.


Is there anyway to use "kein" here? Can someone show me an example? I'm a bit confused with the usage of both.


No, kein would completely change the meaning. The sentence informs us that there are some measurements but they are not good/acceptable. If you were to use kein the sentence would mean that you have no measurements at all which is totally different.


Is there a German equivalent to The measurements are NO good as in English and in the first option ie Die MaSSe sind NEIN gut?

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