When to use/not use siete (as in you all)

Hi all. I’ve just started Italian, and am completely confused as to when to use ‘voi siete’ or just ‘voi’. I can’t discern a pattern in Duo’s acceptance of answers. Ciao è grazie. Chris

July 23, 2019


Voi siete means you are

Voi just means you

In the phrase "voi siete" you can't leave out the verb siete, but you can actually drop the voi: "siete" on its own can mean "you are".

July 23, 2019

I can add that in general subjects pronouns are optional, but there are specific cases where they are normally dropped and others where they become even mandatory:

and I advise you this site (to me it's one of the best):

July 23, 2019

Thanks also re

July 24, 2019

You're welcome. Sì, it's a good dictionary.

I also studied Latin, at school (also Greek). :)

July 24, 2019


July 25, 2019
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