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Connection of letters in arabic. (Help needed)

Hello! I've been learning arabic for 2 days. While learning the alphabet I realised that some letters change shapes when they connect with other ones. How do I know when and which letters can or can not be connected? Do I have to basically how to learn rules for each letter, or is there some kind of scheme which can make it easier for learning? Thanks in advance!

July 23, 2019



There can be up to 4 "shapes" per letter. Recognizing them is easier than writing, anyone can get the hang of it quickly.

About the "connecting"... As far as I've seen, it's mostly about practice. You can also see that some letters (for example ب ت ) look similar and so can be connected the same way. (بت تب)I do not know, I am trying to help with what I gathered so far. pls correct me if I'm wrong!

I suggest you try practicing with this: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/decks/N2AsLtkL/arabic-letters

GL! :D


There are only 6 letters that don't connect and thankfully they all kind of look similar so its actually not that hard to remember: أ ر ز د ذ و The alphabet is actually super easy once you get the hang of it and the pronunciation is always the same so its much easier than English and other languages in this way as long as all the short vowels (harakat) are written so I wouldn't worry about it too much :)


Everything in most cases helps. This will 100% help!


there is an isolated, initial, medial, and final form of most of the letters. arabic's a cursive language and most of the letters have different forms to connect with each other.


before i started arabic on duolingo, i watched youtube videos by "arabicpod101" on the arabic alphabet and it really helped me understand it better.


Interesting, Iwill give it a shot. Thanks!


also, it was helpful in understanding it how it works, but for some reason, they didn't have videos for all the letters(maybe they just didn't make them yet)


but they had most of them

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