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"Ellas son mis hermanas mayores."

Translation:They are my older sisters.

April 17, 2013



i remember many years ago that i was taught elder and older is interchangeable in the situation. Has usage of elder sister become distinct?


Elder sisters is correct English, as is older sisters and big sisters.

Report it so they'll fix it, they should accept all three.


In this usage they are interchangeable. Elder (meaning older) is used for describing people, with very few exceptions (I can think of only one). Older can be used on anything. Elder can only be a noun or an attribute adjective. Older is more versatile.

If English is not one's first language, I'd recommend always using 'older'. It sounds like you have it down though.


Definitely not, they probably just didn't include this translation.


Now, they included it. It seems to have been updated.


I guess the adj would be "mayor", so what's the difference between this and "viejo" ?


"Viejo" is like something that is many years old... And "mayor" is usually for a person that is more years old than an other person


"mayor" is specifically for comparisons.
It also has a sense of being bigger as well as older.

Compramos una casa mayor. - We bought a bigger house.



Why isn't it "mis hermanas mayoras?"


Because the adjective in singular form is 'mayor' and it ends with a consonant. So, the plural form will be 'mayores'. The rule is basically that: Adjectives that end in -o have four forms: alto, alta, altos, altas. Adjectives that end in -e have two forms: inteligente, inteligentes. Most adjectives that end in a consonant have two forms: popular, populares (form plural by adding -es).

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