This course is draining my soul - but its tolerable

I used to practice Hungarian here religiously, and now whenever i see a sentence i have the insatiable urge to throw myself off the nearest bridge.

Maybe its the seemingly never ending flow of complicated questions of which i understand nothing, or the 20 minutes it takes to complete a single lesson.

But for whatever reason, getting myself to attempt another start to "Preverbs 2" halfway up the tree is making me feel like I'm about to forcefully swallow the pit of a peach, or have my shoulders broken by the weight of duo's shame.

To be fair, however, my inability to understand whatever is being test is certainly a product of my infrequent uses of the course, and I feel I must find the motivation to either push through, or build myself back up to a level where i am mentally and emotionally prepared to pass "Preverbs 2".

Please pray for me.

But all the same, at this moment, this course makes me want to dump myself.

I'm being dramatic. I'm also just complaining. Nothing really constructive here - but in which case you want something constructive (although I've heard our course contributing gods have long since abandoned this case), I could only beg for shorter, but more lessons, and the more frequent use of the future tense.

The last time I felt true happiness though, I cannot remember when. I only know that it was in a time when each course was marked in its completion by a percent, and the Hungarian course i noticed had gone up by one percent - from 52, to 53. How I was a sweet summer child.

Really I'm just procrastinating, but I'm also venting my frustration on this platform. Not that I'm ever going to leave though, I'm duolingo's pet and my Spanish teacher just discovered Spanish's "stories". Also I love languages - but i fear my vain attempts at rebooting my course in Hungarian has lead to me taking frequent breaks on this site.

I have motivating reasons enough to continue learning this or more languages, and actually writing this has made me feel lighter in returning to a more daily schedule of duolingo.

Oh but one of my greatest hopes, the person who's grandeur has enlightened me with hope and strength to move forwards in this course, is Judit. Girl I dont know who you are, or what you're about, but I so often see your reply on somebody's question, or random post, that you literally became one of the hopes that kept me pushing with this course. Home girl stay strong.

Anyways I have no more semi-poetic tea to spill on duolingo. Thanks I guess if you even made it this far down my rant. May the duolingo gods guide you from here fourth.

I'm going to go drink 4 liters of water and nap for another 12 hours so i can study for something whatever.

July 24, 2019


Thanks unitedbreads. Yes, some of the skills are a pain because Hungarian has its own way of thinking which often doesn't translate well into English.

Re future, Hungarian often just uses the present (sometimes with a word to suggest future like tomorrow). When it is explicit it is just fogok, fogsz, fog, fogunk, fogtok, fognak plus the infinitive. So no biggie.

Hang in there!

July 24, 2019

I don't even learn Hungarian, but this was a great read-and pretty funny too.

July 24, 2019

Side note, a new and more user-friendly Hungarian course is being built, so keep up the good work.

July 24, 2019

thats lovely, my prayers have been answered. are you working on the course - or is this something they already have mentioned in the past? and is there a rough timeline? so many questions, but cool thanks for letting me know

July 27, 2019

unitedbreads. I would suggest (if you have not tried it already) doing the reverse course i.e. English for Hungarian learners, it is a much more beneficial course and it will give you the feeling that it was written by grown ups for grown ups. Without a kindergarten teacher in sight.

July 28, 2019
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I completely agree with everything you said. It would be more tolerable if there was no crowns.

July 29, 2019
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