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"ngemvamDaq puSqu' bo'Deghmey."

Translation:There are very few birds in this forest.

July 24, 2019



Okay, it gives the hint for ngemvamDaq as either in these woods or in this forest. But it says 'in these woods' is wrong! How can it be wrong if it already says either answer is correct?


Versions with "in these woods" are accepted. Is it possible you had some other error? Did you report it as "my answer should have been accepted" and/or take a screen shot?


I got the "Type what you hear" version of this exercise. I got a female speaker who I believe is not Qov. I have two issues with her pronunciation of "ngemvamDaq". First, it really sounds to me like she's saying "ngam" instead of "ngem". Second, there's a small 'ah' sound when she's transitioning from from "ngem" to "vam" that makes it sound like she's starting a new word there. I hope I'm not coming across as harsh. I promise I'm not trying to be a jerk. I realize that at this point in the lessons, I'm probably expected to have a little better understanding of the vocabulary. I don't have ready access to a copy of the Klingon Dictionary, and thought I was getting introduced to a new word.


Please continue to be particular about what you hear. When I started recording for this course, I didn't have headphones, so I didn't realize how immersive it can be listening to every breath and grunt the speaker makes. I'll never apologize for the spittle, because that's a documented feature of Klingon speech, but I want all the Klingon sounds to be clear. As we recorders are volunteers, what may feel like nitpicking to you is actually the payment we get. How better to improve our Klingon accents than to have hundreds of people listen to us and tell us how to improve?

I know I have improved since I started, not just my audio equipment. (I now have a not-so-great headset that pops when I say a vay and often my cheek touches it when I say an 'It). I'm hoping to borrow some even better audio equipment, so if those sounds distract from your learning, feel free to report them too.

I have re-recorded this one myself, as the be' who did it is taking a break, and I don't want it to confuse others.


Why is there no verb? Shouldn't there be a 'bIHtaH'?


puS is a verb. There are no adjectives in Klingon. But these kinds of verbs of quality that already include "be" in their definitions can be used adjectivally (following a noun) or as a verb (preceding a noun). English uses "to be" to say that two nouns are associated together OR that a noun is associated with an adjective. Klingon only uses the pronoun-as-to-be construction to associate two nouns and just uses the verbs which are translated as English adjectives directly as a verb, so no pronoun is needed.

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