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Arabic lessons have incorrect Layout of crucial elements.

I am mostly having to use my phone. I don't have access to a computer all the time.

and the headphone symbol to replay the sound, is sitting right on top of the characters of the Arabic alphabet themselves!! So i can't see the tops of the very Alphabet characters I am trying to learn!!!! Please fix this!!!! Thanks Bir.

July 24, 2019



Are you using the app or accessing the site in your phone browser?


I don't have enough room on my very cheap phone to download app. So in the browser on my phone. Obviously if you wan to help people learn the language, you must address those of us in need who cannot afford bigger devices.-sorry. I will say it's my 5th out of 7 total -studied and lived within -language, and my- no longer brain resilient- age of 55 PLUS ....and my 6th or 7th learning approach to Arabic in addition to immersion for 14 months and The alphabet and alphabet recognition approach seems much better and hopefully more likely to stick . So I really like it. I found Duolingo in Spanish and French and Turkish, to be too nitpicky and tediously slow, but with Arabic it seems perfect except for this layout glitch.


Hi! I am trying to learn how read first. That is my main goal for this year. One thing bother me a lot since I began the course is the arabic writing beside the button is so small that I have to put my browser screen at 175% to see them. And I am looking at them from a 21" inch screen.

Thank you for this course, it is well construct. Keep up the good work.

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