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"You do not have a blouse, Judy."

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْدِك بَلوزة يا جودي.

July 24, 2019



Why not ليست, since بلوزة is feminine?

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The whole audio needs a renovation work, and yes, it should be Laysat ليست


It shouldn't be laysat. You can use "laysa 3inda X a Y" even if Y is feminine.

You can say: ليس عند البنت قوة. The girl had no strength.


ليس [وجود] عندَكِ ...


Exactly, the full sentence is ليس (موجوداً) لديك And then, the rest of sentence

Although, if you change the order of the words in the sentence and put the feminine word in the first (as a mobtadaa/مبتدأ) the word ليس will follow the mobtadaa and be a feminine word too, ليست

البلوزة ليست جديدة المكتبة ليست كبيرة الغرقة ليست نظيفة


While if the mobtadaa masculine İt will stay ليس

الكتاب ليس قصيراً الطفل ليس سميناً الجسر ليس ثابتاً Etc...


This audio is completely wrong :/


What's the purpose of learning this kind of sentence tho.. I wonder what's the priority.. And also the abundance of the word 'weird'.. What's the point?


Arabic course is duo needs some serious revamp

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